Twan Huys, looked with open mouth to confession Bernardo Bertolucci

b3b725c25cea593a49e3d2dd4b140045 - Twan Huys, looked with open mouth to confession Bernardo Bertolucci

The Rotterdam film Festival, where the Monday died Bertolucci in 2013 was a guest, asked if City are interested in him as a guest for a College Tour. “It was a hugely likeable man, who much sense, had to talk about his work,” looks at the presenter’s back. “It was also very nice to the call to prepare for and are movies, to look back.” During the broadcast gave Huys regularly the glass of water from Bertolucci. “He told me afterwards semi-evil that there is gin in had been sitting, and that I therefore only to dilute it was.”

Bertolucci gave over the past few years large interviews more and had decided in College Tour openness on such matters. “There was really a wave of outrage through the room as he told it,” recalls House. None of the editors knew that he had the intent of him and Brando went a confession to make. “I was sitting with open mouth to see what he’s told. Bertolucci said there is no regret to have, because the artistic, the right choice was made: he wanted an authentic response. But he felt himself still guilty about it.”


As small as the commotion was in 2013, so great was the wave of international outrage, three years later, when the clip still in Hollywood came out of it. “It was a very strange sensation that College Tour suddenly everywhere was named after). “But the whole riot does do very well the tilt of the zeitgeist again. There happened in his films have more things in the seventies, no one of wake up lag. Think of the cat that Donald Sutherland in Novecento on a door nails, or the little boy that he is up against a wall and pistol.”

Except the statements about the ’boterscène’ in Last Tango in Paris can House also, especially, still remember what Bertolucci told about the fact that he is now in a wheelchair. “He said that he saw that very heavy fell,” says the presenter. “Bertolucci could not make films anymore as it used to, because you as a director should be able to look at it from the perspective of the camera. And that he could not: he could not stand or climb. He found it very much.”

Huys spend Monday night in his program RTL Late Night attention to the death of the director.

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