Tuesday in Richer Than you Think

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On Tuesday, november 27, strike Staf Coppens and his team of experts down in the Court of Busleyden, a beautiful palace in Mechelen. After a long period of renovation work opened the renaissancepand from the 16th century, this summer its doors again. Richer than you Think? if there as one of the first. The building has since 1938 service as a museum and houses some of the great masters, such as Brueghel, van Dyck and Rubens. “But who knows, we find in the row of the visitors is still a greater treasure…”, says Staff.

A coin collection of 71 pieces, that is what a husband to his wife at his death left behind. He claimed that the collection is worth a lot. His wife hopes that today to get confirmation from Bart Van Acker, an expert in coins and stamps. The most important question for the valuation: are the real gold coins or not? “It is heads or tails,” says a Staff full of excitement. But the expert has good news for the woman, very, very, very good news. “In all those years of getting Richer than you Think? has never something brought”. The woman is scared so much of the price that they will not go home any more dares to go. “I’m a bodyguard should hire me to guide”, she laughs.

And also Every op De Beeck, expert watchmaker, a golden pocket watch in his hands. “Bought at the flea market for €10,” says the very young owner. “10 euro for 14 karat gold? A golden deal, you have this done. Should I next time with you to the flea market?”, winks op De Beeck

“I see a name that my eyes do shine”, says expert Dave Van den Keybus, expert cameras and cameras with a unique lens from Voigtländer. The real, authentic lenses of this brand are very popular among collectors, says Van den Keybus. Particular to this type of lens is that they are radioactive. “So I hope you can’t sleep,” he laughs. But not only the lens appears to be a unique object, the body of Italian workmanship is of top quality. The owner of the unit paid at auction for €630. A good investment: “Italian museums will be here eagerly at the offer, believes Van den Keybus.

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