Theu Boermans makes new film

94a094eeb44d69739ba0835e826182aa - Theu Boermans makes new film

The screenplay by Marieke van der Pol, who had earlier successes such as The Twins and Bride Flight wrote. The drama is based upon truth, and is about two young people in the seventies, full of dreams and ideals, who share a great love experience. A fatal accident on sea drives them apart. Thirty-six years later, they are again facing each other and they get a second chance to the loss together to process.

Boermans is currently in search of locations for the film to rotate in the Netherlands, Belgium and the Azores. Actors are not yet known. KRO-NCRV is associated with the project as a broadcaster.

Soldier of Orange

It is the first film that Boermans, in a quarter of a century running. In 1994 he made 1000 Rosen, who was awarded with three Golden Calves. Since then directed Boermans especially theatrical performances, such as the highly successful musical “Soldier of Orange”, and critically acclaimed series such as The Partisans and The Prey.

Boermans worked for a long time to make a film version of the play, Gijsbrecht van Aemstel, but this was project was ultimately financial, not of the ground.

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