These are the requirements of the kamerverhuurster from hell

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London – A woman from London who is a member of the household because they rent not only can muster, has placed an advertisement with twelve bizarre requirements.

As nice as Friends will be at the verhuurster from hell in London’s Finsbury park may not be.

The new inmate may not, for example, at home between nine and five, because she works at home. Students are anyway excluded.

Furthermore, you as a new tenant of the room in Finsbury Park is also an interesting and exciting life so that you are not every night at home on the couch. Furthermore, you must not be too long, loud calls in its vicinity. “You may think that you’re silent, but that’s not so”. Watch tv on your own room, but with headphones on.

No friends

Bring friends to the apartment is also not appreciated. “The house is for us, your family. There are plenty of places in London where you can socialize, so do it rather there than at home.”

Friends or girlfriends who want to continue to sleep are also not welcome. Parties organize is also out of the question, writes the Mirror.

And cooking together is also not in. “This is not a social house where people spend hours to cook, or the whole weekend in the kitchen take.

What you eat are also requirements. Fast food and beer into the kitchen. “I am looking for a cultured person”. A glass of wine and a beer on his time allowed, but drinking bouts are prohibited.


The novice is also considered to be quite a hurry to make it in the bathroom. “We’re not going to half-hour waiting for you”. It is to get up and as soon as possible, quietly leave you to your work. Breakfast may be due to the ’noise’ until after half past nine and after eleven o’clock in the evening, the kitchen is forbidden.

There are also strict schoonmaakregels. “You make every week, the kitchen, the bathroom or cleaning the floor.” “This is not a student house or hotel. I expect respect.”

Going to the toilet

Even your toilet is not private. Who every hour four times to the toilet, also do not apply to the room.

Remarkably enough, let the woman at the end of the ad know that her life’s motto ’live and let live’.

She explains her rigorous demands, with the story that they had previously bad experiences with onderhuurders.

On twitter, many Englishmen quite loose on the woman.

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