Tension rises: parliament of Ukraine decided on the state of siege

7f40a10c8437bac21c9103172a1db4e3 - Tension rises: parliament of Ukraine decided on the state of siege

KIEV – Ukrainian president Petro Porosjenko has proposed that the state of siege from crying out. Today the parliament are voting on that plan, as a result of a violent blockade of three Ukrainian naval ships by Russia. It attacked three wounded.

Ukrainian police officers at the embassy of Russia, where it now also harm.

In a state of siege gives the army the lead role in a country. Many civil liberties to be sacrificed. People in Eastern Europe remember such a time as ’the tanks through the streets rolled’.

Russia, meanwhile, has noodbijeenkomst of the UN Security council requested. That today will have to take place. Russia is afraid that the international peace and security is at stake, say representatives.

Reason for all the hostilities was a blockade of three Ukrainian ships by Russia at the Straits of Kerch, near the Crimea. Ukraine says that Russia they have a shot. In the country are all signals to red.

Russia argues that the Ukrainian ships illegal waters hacked. “These are provocative actions. Their goal is clear: a conflict creating in the region.”


According to foreign news agency’s would citizens in Ukraine as little as possible, should notice of the state of siege. The ’fuel in the streets’ would be so bad. Would the paramilitary groups are preparing to possibly take action.

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