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Taxes in Ohio with Bitcoin pay: initiative is driving forward adaptation

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Taxes in Ohio with Bitcoin pay: initiative is driving forward adaptation

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Marcel Knobloch –

After the recent ongoing price crash critics of the industry, the raison d’être of Bitcoin and co. out of the question. The progressive development of technology as well as a rise in which the distribution is paid little attention. In Ohio, companies can pay their taxes in Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies.

According to a report in the Wall Street journal, was established in the state of Ohio of the United States of America, an Initiative that bears the name and it is companies should allow you to pay your taxes with the help of digital currencies. Since today it is to register local companies, the program, and in collaboration with BitPay, the crypto-tax payments.

BitPay is a 2011 Atlanta-based Startup which has the ambition to enable payments between companies and other actors in the industry in crypto-currencies. As soon as a payment with Bitcoin has been received, is converted to the corresponding amount in USD, in order eventull occurring fluctuations lead to a loss of the actual value of the payment. In this case, the payments in US to be forwarded Dollar and then to the Ministry of Finance of Ohio. The extreme Volatitilität has held the dealer yet to accept payments in Bitcoin.

Due to the continuing decline in the rates of almost all crypto-currencies, including Bitcoin, seen by many critics in the crypto movement is more of a bubble formation, instead of a technology step for step finds its way into our everyday life as well as in the free economy. Currently a positive Momentum takes place, so that Bitcoin can rise to 7% in price to almost 4.023,42 UUS. To pay by the approval for enterprises your Rechnungn with Bitcoin, Ohio, makes an important contribution to the further adaptation of Bitcoin as a legitimate money.

In the Initiative of Treasurer Josh Mandel played a leading role in the completion of the project. For him one Alternative to the current Fiat is Bitcoin money, in the future, is to be established (freely translated):

I see [Bitcoin] as a legitimate Form of currency.

It is important to note that BitPay acts as an intermediate trader and crypto-currencies converting into the prevailing Fiat currency, the US Dollar, and then the amount. Unfortunately, this process does not take place directly in Bitcoin or Ethereum.

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