Spektakelmusical 40-45 halfway finished after technical problems

8e6015ba0b773141a46f15399051e5d7 - Spektakelmusical 40-45 halfway finished after technical problems

A performance of the musical 40 – 45 Studio 100 in Puurs is last night prematurely ended after persistent technical problems. That confirms a spokesperson at Studio 100 today. The present spectators get a ticket for a new show.

Yesterday there were three performances of the popular musical with Jonas Van Geel and Jelle Cleymans in the lead roles. During the last show it went wrong: “Due to technical problems we had to the show a few times, shut-down operations”, says Jan Peter Boodts of Studio 100. “The third time, about halfway through the musical, we have decided to provide to stop.”

“The team of 40 – 45 will do now everything to the technical problems,” says Boodts. On november 7, there had also been a representation be terminated after a technical fault, but that were according to the spokesman of a different nature than the problems on Sunday.

The spectators who but half a show, a ticket for a different performance. “We’ll send Monday, a mail out to all ticket holders with the practical arrangement,” says Boodts.

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