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Spektakelmusical 40-45 again shut down after technical problems

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The spektakelmusical ‘40-45’ is Sunday night halted after technical problems had occurred. The spectacle I was three time stopped, and then Studio 100 decided to take the spectators home.

The provision of ‘40-45’ turned Sunday evening in the soup. The show was interrupted up to three times due to technical problems. Eventually, after about three quarters of an hour decided to give the show to stop and the 1.660 spectators to sending them home.

“The first time we were able to still laugh when that sweet voice in our headphones said that technical problems were,” says a spectator. “But the third time was the laugh is still a little bit. We are like many other people disappointed, returned to their homes.’


Studio 100-spokesman Jan Peter Boodts confirms that the show shut down. “We regret the. Our show is technically state of the art and then can do something like that unfortunately happen. After the third breakdown, we were unfortunately obliged to take the show to stop.’

The 1.660 spectators will be compensated. “They get tomorrow an e-mail with how we continue to address. Now We are going to see how we people new tickets can offer.’

Not first time

Earlier this month, the musical was also shut down after four failures. Also when were technical problems the cause. “But the problems tonight were not the same as then.’

In 40-45 play musicalsterren such as Jelle Cleymans and Jonas Van Geel is a gripping story about the Second world War. They do this in an impressive animated backdrop, to which the audience looks from eight wheeled stands in a grand hangar. The music everyone gets to hear it through a headset, which Studio 100 optimum sound quality to ensure. Prices for the spectacle starting at 49,95 euro and end at 94,95 euro for the best seats.

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