Spain is Ryanair right to strike wasn’t living

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The Spanish ministry of Labour considers that Ryanair the right to strike of its cabin crew has not observed and is going to the Irish lagekostenluchtvaartmaatschappij this sanction.

According to the Spanish trade unions USO and Sitcpla, the ministry is of the opinion that the company the rights of the employees not to have complied with by them through e-mail or telephone to contact to find out whether or not they would participate in the strike action on 25 and 26 July and 28 september. That is Monday, heard from vakbondsbron.

The Spanish ministry confirms that the company has notified of infringements’, but does not want any further information.

In July, a strike action by cabin crew at Ryanair to ensure that 600 flights disappeared in Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Portugal. That had consequences for 100,000 passengers.

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