Ria Valk: ’Angry that I never got to a price I’ve had’

871f2891addb5c7c0d23e0ef32ab88be - Ria Valk: ’Angry that I never got to a price I've had’

“Not even a Silver or Golden Harp, or something for my work. Nothing. I find a little weird. I find myself there good enough for us,” says Falcon, whose recent biography was published.

The singer has an explanation for why they are ignored by all prijzencomités. “Find they are not chic, I think, such a carnavalszangeres. Such a thing happened at the time with Leo. That song was so incredibly sold well, but continued to stand on 2.” Valk says that the Top 40 the number is not on the first place wanted to have as Bohemian Rhapsody of Queen more salonfähig.

Valk scored in the sixties, seventies and eighties big hits with Rockin’ Billy (1968), Sausages on My Breasts (1975), Leo (1976), and Granny Wants a Toyboy (2014). They still occurs.

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