Research team scares return of natives with bow and arrow

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PORT BLAIR – A team that is in the body of the natives, murdered evangelist John Allen Chau (26) wanted to ensure, during a reconnaissance mission returned to safer ground.

Evangelist John Allen Chau was by natives and killed.

The research team was with a boat on the way to the remote North-Sentineleiland. A few hundred metres away, they could with binoculars the members of the tribe to see that the American Chau earlier this month ombrachten. They were waiting on the beach, armed with bow and arrow, reports The Guardian.

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Salvage Chau is a challenge

The Indian police is working with anthropologists to approach her with the mysterious islanders. The researchers used the tribesmen for hours observed. Scientists suspect that the strain extra vigilant after the visit and the subsequent death of the missionary.


The authorities had previously know the islanders and their environment not to want to disrupt. It is still unknown whether the natives can be prosecuted for the murder.

The family of Chau the members of the tribe that their ’son, brother, uncle and best friend have slain, forgive, write them on the Instagram page of the evangelist.

The family members have issued a call to the Indian authorities, for the prosecution to strike against the seven men who Chau helped to North-Sentineleiland to get: “He is the free will gone and it is not necessary that local contacts be prosecuted for his actions.”

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