President of Argentina wants to act against voetbalmaffia

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The police are hunting a group of fans of River Plate after riots on the street.

The call of Macri following the violence last weekend. The team bus of Boca Juniors was Saturday pelted by supporters of River Plate. Both teams would return to play the final of the Copa Libertadores. First was the duel with a day delayed, but Boca also wanted to on Sunday, not playing.

An angry Macri took television to criminal supportersgroeperingen, called Barras Bravas, who are known for drug dealing and extorting supporters.

“We reject the mafia that are often behind this kind of violence”, according to the president, who said wroth over the fact that the 23 people on that Saturday were held again on free feet. “I hope that after this disgrace of a law can get, which is adopted during additional sessions of the congress.”

The riots come for Macri at a particularly unlucky moment. In Argentina, is next Friday a meeting of G20 countries.

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