Porosjenko asks Russia to mariners free

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The Ukrainian president Petro Porosjenko has Russia called the Ukrainian seamen and vessels to release on Monday, seized in the Strait of Kerch.

The sailors are ‘brutally detained in violation of international law”, said Porosjenko during a meeting of the Ukrainian national Security council. He demands that the Russian authorities ‘them together with the ships immediately transfer to the Ukrainian side and the de-escalation of the situation in the Azov Sea insurance”.

President of the European Council Donald Tusk has condemned the Russian actions. He performs Porosjenko in with his question to the crew about to make to Ukraine and ask Russia to refrain from further provocations. “Europe supports Ukraine, tweet he.

Russia blocked Sunday three ships and took them in batter, because they are the territorial waters of the country illegally would have to enter. There were 23 crew members on board. When the action hit, according to Russian sources, three Ukrainians were injured, the Ukrainian authorities have about six wounded, two seriously.

The Russian minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov speaks of a ‘provocation’ of the Ukraine, which the Russian sovereignty in danger. According to Lavrov used Ukraine ‘dangerous methods’. “There has a violation taken place and there are dangerous methods are used. That can and has risks and a threat created for the normal passage of vessels in the maritime transit between the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea.

Monday deliberating the Ukraine, about a possible introduction of the krijgsrecht. Meanwhile, put Porosjenko the reservists of the armed forces in a state of readiness

Emergency session

The NATO plant, at the request of Porosjenko, a special meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission. The secretary-general of NATO, Jens), and the Ukrainian president Petro Porosjenko spoke to each other Monday morning all about the events on the Sea of Azov. The intervention of the NATO in the conflict seems to be excluded, because Ukraine is not a member.

Sunday evening called upon the European Union and NATO, Russia already at for the free passage in the Strait of Kerch to recover. On Monday, the UN Security council in spoedzitting together, to the military escalation between Ukraine and Russia to discuss.

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