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Players (in Spain) strikes basketball players of the throne as the world’s best-paid team athletes

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The footballers of FC Barcelona are the world’s best-paid team athletes. This is evident from an annual study of the British Sporting Intelligence. Lionel Messi and his bandmates regions in 2018, an average of 11.8 million euros.

Real Madrid pay their players an average of 9,14 million and follows on the second place Oklahoma City Thunder (8.87 million) and Golden State Warriors (8,84 million). After four NBA clubs are Juventus Torino and Manchester United in ninth and tenth place. The top twenty consists of twelve NBA clubs and eight European football clubs. After a further six NBA teams baseballteams San Francisco Giants and Chicago Cubs on the 27th and the 30th place of the first teams on the list that are not from football or basketball.

Last year, Barcelona was on the fourth place, after Oklahoma, Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors. Real Madrid climbed from ninth to second place. Paris Saint-Germain, last year’s fifth, is now eighteenth.

The Premier League with an annual salary of 3.38 million euros the world’s highest paying football league, the Primera Division (2.49 million euros) and the Series A (1,71 million euros). China (903.000 euro) is on the sixth place the first non-European competition. Belgium stands with 346.000 euros on the twelfth place.

Sporting Intelligence did only take into account the salary, without premiums and extrasportieve income. Eight sports were taken into account: football, baseball, basketball, American football, cricket, ice hockey, Canadian football and Australian football. In total, 349 teams from 18 leagues in 13 countries examined.

1. Barcelona (football) 11.8 million euro

2. Real Madrid (football) 9,14 million euros

3. Oklahoma City Thunder (basketball) 8.87 million

4. Golden State Warriors (basketball) 8,84 million

5. Washington Wizards (basketball) 8,60 million

6. Toronto Raptors (basketball) 8,48 million

7. Houston Rockets (basketball) 8,37 million

8. Miami Heat (basketball) 7,92 million

9. Juventus (football) 7.58 million

10. Machester United (football) 7,35 million

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