Patience FIFA with Iran is on

961f86fbf982f6250014097064b449ea - Patience FIFA with Iran is on

An Iranian woman holds her breath during the world cup match with Portugal in Russia.

The administration of the FIFA is to hurry urged after a report of her own mensenrechtenadviespanel. The banning of women in stadiums is in violation with the ethical code of the FIFA, the specific discrimination on the basis of sex prohibits”.

Women and girls in Iran forty years, since the Iranian Revolution in 1978, not welcome at sporting events where men participate.

Iranian news agencies reported earlier this month that a group of women was admitted to the final of the Asian Champions League match in Tehran between Persepolis and the Japanese Kashima Antlers. During the world cup last summer saw the FIFA panel consisting of eight experts from the United Nations, all women matches of Iran on large screens should look.

FIFA finds these developments positive, but the bond is not fast enough.

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