’Not Bayern, but Ajax plays the best football.”

e03ad648652c4d5c8bf42e2bb43931de - ’Not Bayern, but Ajax plays the best football."

Marinos Ouzounidis

Also Niko Kovac and Rui Vitoria, and his colleagues from Bayern Munich and Benfica, sitting in the rocker after a bad performance.

Empty places

The powerful chairman Dimitris Melissanidis of AEK explains provisionally all the blame at his players. “I need to you do not pay, but you, me,” grumbled he Saturday after the defeat (1-2) against the modest Panaitolikos. Anger wins the also of disappointment for many die-hard fans. AEK is expected Tuesday night certainly to 20,000 empty seats in the olympic stadium where Marco van Basten Ajax in 1987, earnings of the Europe Cup 2 helped.

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For Anastasios Bakasetas, André Simões and Konstantinos Lambropoulos, there seems to be no future at AEK. The three basisspelers wanted their expiring contract but not extend, to the great anger of president Melissanidis. “We have spent the last days of a couple of boys said goodbye”, said coach Ouzounidis without naming names. “That we wanted until the winter break.”

AEK still has a small chance to be the third to end up in the pool. “We should go for it”, stressed Ouzounidis. “But that is difficult. Because not Bayern Munich, but Ajax is playing the best football in this group. Who could have expected immediately after the draw?”

In the shade

Provisional state Ouzounidis is still deep in the shadow when his predecessor, Manuel Jiménez, the Spaniard AEK last season to the first national championship in 24 years led. “Staying at the top is sometimes harder than coming”, is a reference Ouzounidis especially to the disadvantage of twelve points in their own country on PAOK. “But we have potential. Until last month we played the best football of Greece.”

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