Murdered missionary twice previously injured in attempt to ‘fortress of Satan to repent

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The Indian government suspects that they know approximately where the body of the American missionary John Allen Chau is buried in the North-Sentineleiland. But his body recovery is very difficult, due to the hostile attitude of the islanders. The man seemed well aware of the risks of his company.

The authorities are fearful of a confrontation with the islanders. It is a relatively small tribe, which is completely sealed from the outside world. On the 25-kilometer island, according to official figures, but around thirty people, though it would be more. But the beach storming to the body search, there seems to be no option.

The 26-year-old Chau had planned to use the island’s population to convert to christianity. He enlisted the help of a number of fishermen to illegally on the island. In principle, no one is allowed on the island, entry to the rest of the tribe not to disturb.

’Fortress of Satan

From his diary it appears that Chau there has been two previous attempts had been sitting for the island to enter, reports CNN. The American was also aware that he does not go to the island should attract. He felt strongly that “God himself” him from the view of the icg disappeared.

In his diary, he asked himself, ‘or this island is the last stronghold of Satan, where nobody is ever the name of the Lord has heard”. He also wrote that “if he would be killed,” no one in the islanders ‘or God’ is something amiss.

Bible pierced

The first time that he country, he was hunted with bow and arrow, but he was able to escape to the boat of the fishermen. In his diary he wrote that the bible, which he had by an arrow was pierced. The second time was his canoe destroyed, and he swam back to the boat.

The third attempt he survived. What exactly happened remains unclear. But the seven fishermen, who of Chau 350 dollars received for their help, saw how the body of the missionary by the islanders was being towed.

Although his death has not yet been confirmed, the Indian police, however, that he is effectively killed. The fishermen are arrested. On the basis of their statements is now searched how the body can be repatriated.


The death of Chau also brings up the discussion about this form of travel back to the top. Some adventurers would cost to get in touch with the last isolated tribes. Chau that had to pay with his life, but also for the islanders, there are risks associated with contacts with ‘tourists’.

For example, the members of the tribes are exposed to diseases where they were not against resistance. It is, therefore, that the Indian government costs what is the cost of tourists will keep away from the North-Sentineleiland. Other islands in the region are known as a tourist destination.

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