Mexico picks up dozens of migrants after riots

7867076c6dfb66c9ab4f7342bd95fe52 - Mexico picks up dozens of migrants after riots

TIJUANA – Mexico has 35 immigrants held after the uproar that Sunday broke out on the border between Tijuana, Mexico and the U.s. San Diego. The Mexican newspaper El Sol de Tijuana reported that all the detained immigrants Hondurans. It comes to 29 men and six women.

The arrested Hondurans are presumably transferred to the immigration service. Their role in the riots at the border, Mexican authorities said nothing.

On the Mexican side of the border and tried hundreds of Central American migrants on Sunday, the northern border of Mexico to cross. The Mexican police tried in vain to prevent. The American security forces quickly repelled the migrants then with tear gas, such as on the channel of the newspaper Milenio, was. Many migrants were caught between American and Mexican ordetroepen.

The Mexican government had later Sunday, knowing that the procedure at the border was restored. The border between Tijuana and San Diego, a few hours close it had been, was again opened.

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