’Many directors debut in the US with horror’

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It was the first project where his name was connected, and that actually never got off the ground. Previously, Van Rooijen asked for a sequel to the Hitchcock movie The Birds, but it ran finally spoke. “The game here in Hollywood is played much differently,” explains the Dutchman. “Development of a film is a matter of long breath. Then draws a producer or a actor suddenly has a more important project. And then you have again from the start.”

A lot of European directors who come to Hollywood, make first a horrorproductie, a thriller or a relatively cheap action movie, says Van Rooijen. “It’s a genre where my heart is,” admits he. “And horror is something that in the Netherlands hardly made. I was very happy with this opportunity that I got to be a kind of boy’s dream to realise.”

Create excitement

The director of hbo’s hit series Penoza wrote in the Netherlands are most of the scenarios themselves. The script for The Possession or Hannah Grace was already there when Van Rooijen was asked. “I’ve tried myself some details to add,” he explains. “In the morgue work, the lamps, for example, to motion sensors, that provides a lot of opportunities for tension to produce. And the design of the basement, I’ve also adapted to further set the mood.”

The director turned recently in Europe is still a jongerenserie, the Host of the Night. And further develops, he is currently in the Netherlands the long-awaited feature film, which hbo’s hit series Penoza is closed. The recording will take next spring. “I have the last in the series and can’t make it because I was already in Hollywood was,” explains Van Rooijen. “I want the series that much for me and all the cast and crew has served together in a very nice way to end. I really should have to say goodbye to the Board.”

Epic finale

About the plot he wants nothing to disclose. “But it is an epic win”, promises to be the cinematographer. “For the loyal fans it is a feast of recognition, on many fronts. But we want to also especially that of people that the series still do not know a lot of fun to the movie experience.”

The Possession or Hannah Grace runs from Thursday in Dutch cinemas.

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