Lil Small gives solo show in Ziggo Dome

f3c19edee7a92f5f0f62ab7f540901c8 - Lil Small gives solo show in Ziggo Dome

Lil Small promises that he during the show, the new music that he began in 2019 release, a live audience will bring. Yet last year he kicked Jorik Scholten, such as Lil Small really hot, his tour in theater Carré. “If you have Paradiso and AFAS Live have had, and maybe Arena and Ziggo Dome, still a bit on the large side, Carré. Which rapper has in Carré stood? No one”, he told about that in RTL Late Night.

Now, a year later, he is ready for the Ziggo Dome. “Yes, it is fast. It is now time to take a step bigger and a show from world-class to put down. We get everything out of the closet and work in the coming months hard to a evening to ensure that people will not soon forget,” says the rapper.

The regular ticket sale will start on Thursday 29 november at 20: 00 and tickets are available through his own website. Fans with a pre-registration (Monday is open), get an hour earlier access to the regular ticket sales. Last year we had already had several shows of the Tour sold out before the regular sale started.

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