Labyad: ’Everything is top at Ajax

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Zakaria Labyad pops the 2-0 against NAC Breda handsome.

“It is me in a few months time become clear why Ajax is the biggest club of the Netherlands. The process, the people, the fans: everything is top. But above all, the level of my fellow players is even higher than I at FC Utrecht from the outside could see. If you see how many talented players we have. I played for the first time with Frenkie behind me. And I can tell you: that is really enjoy. He sees everything, is a fantastic midfielder. So well, I had not expected.”

If the injury of the Stream is disappointing, would Labyad tomorrow in Athens, greece as but once can play. “That would be for me fantastic. But of course I hope that the injury of Donny too bad, and he could join us. I sleep in European competitions with him in the room and he is a great guy. I give him all the best.”

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