John Blankenstein Foundation wants to talk with VI-team

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President Karin Blankenstein proposes an “open conversation” about the alleged homophobic jokes that are often in the program are made. The immediate cause is the way in which Johan Derksen last week an open letter from a young lgbt supporter to the KNVB about the homophobic atmosphere in the stadiums is ridiculous.

“I come from The Hague and I love hard jokes,” says Blankenstein. “But there are jokes and jokes, and sometimes you could be your borders. I think it’s not a style that the men of the program to an audience of 800,000 people a young lad that his neck extends down to go pick it up.”

That witch

Presenter Wilfred Genee argued last week in the first instance, with the letter writer in conversation to want to go. But Johan Derksen showed through a variety of media know there’s nothing to feel because that “brat no self-mockery.” Blankenstein calls the men at a time really talking about the subject to engage with lgbt. “But that they do not want to, because they need content to talk. And there is the program not meant for that. They do not understand that they need to lead by example and in this way the homophobic atmosphere.”

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Previously reached as Well the three already in the hand, but was then in the broadcast ridiculed as “that witch.” The chairman of the Foundation, named for the openly gay referee John Blankenstein, got in the day after all kinds of threats in her mail.

The letter writer herself Friday no mud, you’re going to throw at Derksen, despite all his statements. Transmitter Veronica showed Wednesday, know not to take the homophobic jokes of the men of Veronica Inside. It is not the first time that the program, which is used with RTL Football Inside called, is under fire because of the alleged homophobic, sexist and racist ’jokes’.

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