Jerry Springer as Judge Jerry back on TV

6a388f7f99db94b8d429bb06760f59ce - Jerry Springer as Judge Jerry back on TV

“It is the first time that I was respected to call,” says Springer about the new show. In the program will he as a court for small disputes.

Also in his previous show, joined Springer in conflicts, though he was determined not neutral. In the Jerry Springer Show – which, in June after 27 seasons, was discontinued – lighted the presenter the fire with quarrels between his guests a lot.


This did the public a coin in the bag: the exclamation “Je-rry, Je-rry”, that flock was used as a quarrel between two guests out of the hand of ran, enjoyed a worldwide fame. The highlight of the show were millions of people, although there was also criticism. The program would be in scene are set.

For Springer itself is the circle with his new program around. “I can finally get my law degree to use,” says the talkshowhost. Springer studied law and was for his televisiedoorbraak lawyer.

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