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Infineon’s product is to offer Blockchain developers more security – Coin Hero

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Infineon’s product is to offer Blockchain developers more security

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Matthias Nemack –

The German chip manufacturer Infineon has announced fully up to date for the Start of the new week, to the beginning of 2019, a new product under the name “Blockchain Security 2Go” at the Start. The new development should be designed to secure the Blockchain more secure, and as a “Starter Kit”.

NFC technology plays a Central role

In addition to developers working within the Blockchain, wants to appeal to the manufacturer with its Format also service providers in the FinTech sector. It’s been going on with a view to securing customer and partner data to perfect conditions. The basis of the set under the other five chip cards based on the technology of “Near Field Communication” (NFC), according to manufacturer’s instructions. This technique is also many Smartphone owners are already familiar with. You should turn on the in-house security controllers are based, is to have a variety of functions of the Blockchain. Multiple block chains are side by side to be usable. Part of the Kit is also be an application that allows as an Open-Source Format, for example, the creation of Ethereum Smart Contracts. As Infineon, not only for Bitcoin users.

Secure locations for sensitive developer data

The above-mentioned smart cards are to application developments can under the best possible conditions of safety easier to develop. Blockchain-Designer can security implement Hardware even more comfortable in their own systems. In particular, when Generating key pairs (private or public) can provide the Security Tokens of the Starter Kits for additional safety, as stated by the manufacturer. The credentials of the User can be stored in the Controller. A storage in the Software or development environment is not necessary, so that there is no attack surface for Criminals.

Multiple levels of security for Blockchain users

Token is lost or stolen by a third party, not the perpetrator retrieve the access data from the outside. Among other things, the authentication should guarantee by means of a PIN. Infineon would like to offer users especially for the safe accommodation of the information about the registration better protection. In the future, confidential data and key information against attackers should be protected by an additional technical hurdle. Also, the identification of the authorized User is to be lifted, the development of the safety standards to a new Level. It will be interesting now, since the competition of crypto-developers similar products. For User in spe, the novelty is in this respect an Option, because it may be in the digital world, ultimately, there is never enough security.

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