IFFR mourns Bernardo Bertolucci

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“There is really a great filmmaker passed away”, says Beyer about Bertolucci, on Monday, at age 77 died. “Here he was a welcome guest.” The Italian director was in 2013 a guest at the IFFR, that when his film Io e To be seen. “When we realized all that, although his films for years consistently had in talent, he is not more a long time would save. He’s probably got it out of sheer stubbornness is still sustained.” Beyer recalls that Bertolucci, who, during his visit to Rotterdam was in a wheelchair, was interested in the Dutch politics. “He asked questions about Wilders and the separation between the left and right.”

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The festival director notes that the appreciation of Bertolucci’s work “huge” is. “Especially his earlier work. Il Conformista is a masterpiece, very politically dripping. A film about how the in the hell is so wrong in Italy. That film alone, we would now have to rotate, to indicate we might be back in the same time”, says Beyer about the movie from 1970. “Bertolucci was a precursor.”


On Beyer personally made Novecento 1976 deep impression. “That movie is for me very educational. I saw him when I was just out of the academy came and knew immediately ” this is what great cinema should be able to’ and ’this is how you make a masterpiece of great story telling’.”

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Bertolucci was “actually a male.” “That would be now, maybe not more, but we don’t want more. A director of the old stamp who took control and everything in his way. Also we had in 2013, through all sorts of hoops to jump. But with that attitude, he has great films, and now he is no longer there. He leaves a hole.”


Beyer hopes, and see that young Italian directors take an example to Bertolucci. “I think his legacy is very large. Especially if you look at how Italian filmmakers now working on, knowing in what kind of bizarre political circumstances they are in now. A lot of filmmakers think: it’s not going to happen that we have only about ’boy meets girl’ while our country to the sharks.”

The IFFR think the next time about what to do during the next edition considers Bertolucci. “We can Italian directors to question how Bertolucci relates to their job or his older work, since we are not yet”, thinks Beyer aloud. “It is not our habit when something came to a halt. For us it is the most interesting for a tribute back to the movies we select, that same spirit lives. But his name will, no doubt, in many ways sound during the festival.”

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