Home: special effusions of actor/director Filip Peeters

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This week Eric Goens actor, director and producer Filip Peeters in That house. Filip, known from the series Right on right (when on TV1), now has an impressive portfolio together decisively. 65 movies, 55 televisiereeksen. He is one of the few Flemish actors who are also international career has taken. Half the year he lives out of his suitcase on the way to one or other foreign film. And also here in South Africa is the next role is not far away.

Blue hair
In That house exerts Filip together with Eric the dialogues of his next film, the Spider in the web. A role on the side of Ben Kingsley and Monica Belucci. A role with a firm contract which listed state what is allowed and what is not. So there should be no weight change in the actor, he may not shave, and allowed his hair does not change.
Eric has precisely the clauses of the agreement heard when Filip was in the pool and its blue color from the chlorine. The panic hits at the host: how will the actor respond?

“Monks, that were bastards”
Filip Peeters followed a training to become a chef. And that brand is you. A salad is not a salad, and for dinner, the chef are a nice piece of springbok selection at keurslager.
During the cooking Eric comes to know how it is that Filip and his training as an actor at Studio Herman Teirlinck was not able to finish it. How was that now again with that knife at school? And Filip tells the hilarious story of the chicken and the lion.
But when Felipe is stopped at the photo wall shudder he at the sight of a photo from the collegetijd. “Monks, that were bastards,” ontvalt him. A moment later, he reveals also the why. Full of contempt, he tells, for the first time, the stories about the abuse and the abuses of which he was a witness in his collegetijd.
Filip Peeters was at boarding school and there he experienced a less pleasant experience, tells Filip on Monday, Gazet Van Antwerpen.

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