Frozen-princess Noortje Herlaar also in Ralph II

555df9e5d986166d7b2226be96830f67 - Frozen-princess Noortje Herlaar also in Ralph II

Noortje Herlaar

So is Kim-Lian van der Meij as Rapunzel, Joke de Kruijf as Belle, Cinderella, and Sleeping beauty, and Laura Vlasblom as Ariel and Jasmine. That has studio Disney announced Monday.

All the princesses to play in Ralph Breaks the Internet an important supporting role. Their presence in the film was already away in the trailer of Ralph II; one of the scenes where they can be seen, by fans ecstatic to receive. On social media the past weekend also already widely discussed about a special surprise after the last credits to see.

In Wreck-it Ralph 2012 try a character from an old video game to discover whether there is more in life than the schurkenrol that he is in the game. In the sequel comes Ralph (Frank Lammers) with his friend Vanellope (Georgina Verbaan) on the internet. Ralph Breaks the Internet in the U.S. many rave reviews and broke in the first week, several records.

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