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Football continues KV Kortrijk still for racist spreekkoren

40504e3c7e9ca963d034075e3fb87b15 - Football continues KV Kortrijk still for racist spreekkoren

KV Kortrijk is by the office of the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) was prosecuted for racist chants against Standard. The Guys have a Friday at 13h00 to appear before the arbitration board of Appeal, that the file is in the first instance deals with.

After the league game between Standard and Kortrijk drew goalscorer Mpoku bright leather against the West-Flemish supporters. That would be him and team mate Luyandima with racist gestures and spreekkoren of the wise have brought.

A fan offered via social media apologies, Mpoku accepted that also. The man in question went over the incident in conversation with the clubleiding. KV Kortrijk wants the man to use in a positive campaign to raise awareness and did issue a proposal in the Pro League. There was the initiative well received, but for the time being is waiting on the green light for the action plan. Through police and spotters in the stadium were the Guys looking for the other offenders, for the time being without result.

Also last year, the City supporters into disrepute, after the pole had been provided with the Standard player Functions Agbo. Also, who got under the more jungle sounds to his head thrown. In the aftermath of them rolled the Pro League a plan of action against racism in the football stadiums. That means the unequivocal condemnation of the spreekkoren.

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