Film director Bernardo Bertolucci’s death

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Bertolucci was already for a longer time sick

The Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci is at the age of 77 died. Reports that the Italian newspaper La Repubblica. He is known from the films, Novecento, Last Tango in Paris and the Oscars award-winning film The Last Emperor. Bertolucci was for some time ill.

Bertolucci was on march 16, 1940 born in an intellectual family in Parma. His father was a poet and art historian. At fifteen, he began writing and he won with his first book, immediately an important Italian prize for literature.

Thanks to interference from his father came the young Bertolucci in contact with film director Pier Paolo Pasolini. He went to work as first assistant at the shooting of the movie Accattone (1961). Another famous director, Sergio Leone, asked him the storyline to write for the western Once Upon a Time in the West. Leone adopted it because it is too intellectual.

The first film Bertolucci made La Commare secca (1962). After a few films had directed the Italian film industry in the seventies, hit by a global economic recession. Money was lacking to producing films. The solution was to internationally funded films to make.

And that did Bertolucci with great success. He directed classics such as the much talked about and infamous Last Tango in Paris (1972), in which Marlon Brando was a heady affair with the much younger Mari Schneider. Then followed other great movies like Novecento (1976), among others, with Robert de Niro and Donald Sutherland and in 1987 The Last Emperor, a colorful epic about the last Chinese emperor that earned him nine academy awards to date.

Later films of the Italian were among The Sheltering Sky (1990), The Dreamers (2003) and his latest Io e te (You and I), a drama that not more the praise garnered from his earlier masterpieces.

Bertolucci was a marxist that his political beliefs are not under the chairs or benches put out. In his films, plays the struggle between the rulers and the people, between the left and right, and against fascism, often play a role.

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