Eva Daeleman moves to Oostende

65b1bb4e0a6553833b348ca5bbe4a482 - Eva Daeleman moves to Oostende

A former radio and television host Eva Daeleman will be next year in her hometown of Mechelen to the left. They goes to Ostend, to the tranquility of the sea. “In 2019, I will follow my dream and I move to the sea”, it sounds on Instagram.

“Life is for the dreamers and doers,” she continues. “And my dream, is a slower life on the coast in Oostende.”

Daeleman increased in 2015 once the gas when she was struck by a burn-out. She recovered by means of yoga and mindfulness, where they already have multiple books on wrote. Last year she gave up her job with radio station MNM on to completely focus on her yoga studio to be able to focus.

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