Emirates grant grace to British ’spy’

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LONDON – The United Arab Emirates (UAE) to grant grace to the last week sentenced to life, would British student, Matthew Hedges (31). He was taken by the Golfstaat accused of espionage.

The British student, Matthew Hedges (31) with his wife (archives).

,,Fantastic news about Matthew Hedges”, said the British Foreign minister, Jeremy Hunt in response to the message about the release of his countryman. Daniela Tejada, wife of Hedges, said she can’t wait until her husband returned home.

Hedges is affiliated with the university of Durham. He had been to the Emirates traveled for research to the effects of the Arab Spring, a series of uprisings in the Arab world, the foreign policy of the country. Six months ago he was at the airport from Dubai was arrested when he was the country wanted to leave.

’Zero evidence’

The condemnation of the academic, put the relationship between the Emirates and Great Britain under pressure. London threatened with measures such as Hedges are not free. According to minister Hunt of Foreign Affairs was there , and zero evidence” that the allegations of espionage are correct.

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