Death driver (53) from a crashed Tesla achieved

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Baarn – UPDATE – A fatal accident with a Tesla in Baarn, the fire department Wednesday morning to be extremely careful need to investigate. It had many feet in the earth to the body of the perished man from Hilversum from the vehicle.

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The fire department knew a part of the battery or to extinguish, inter alia, by sand to use.

The 53-year-old motorist drove Wednesday morning around 06.00 hrs by a yet unknown cause against a tree along the Hilversumsestraatweg and died by the hard blow. A part of the battery from the car caught on fire. According to the fire department was the fire difficult to extinguish. “There were fumes and acids, which the fire department had to proceed prudently. With the help of sand, the fire extinguished.”


A part of the battery was still in the vehicle, and could be the car under high voltage. This gives firefighters the danger of electrocution. The fire department also has little experience with accidents involving electric cars. Therefore, it took mountains of the body longer than normal, namely eight hours.

“If a car on four wheels, the fire brigade will normally not bother the batteries to turn it off. This car is, however, totally destroyed, the salvage more difficult,” said spokesman Ronald Farmer, the safety region of Utrecht against The Telegraph. “In this situation, you never know what can happen.” If the victim had still been alive, had the fire brigade tried faster to grab.

Experts of Tesla came to the Netherlands around 11: 00 to the place of the accident to the fire department to advise.


Information about the ride can the car company later reading. Then it is clear whether the car has an autopilot feature and, if so, whether the driver’s use made.

The N415 was in both directions closed between Lage Vuursche and the N221.

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