Daughter of Jackie Chan married

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The 19-year-old daughter of Chan has no more contact with her famous father. Her mother, a former actress and beauty queen, had in the late 90 ’having an affair with the actor, who has since 1982, is married to Taiwanese actress Joan Lin.

Autumn and Ng met each other at the end of 2017 know. Briefly, then moved Ng of her hometown of Hong Kong to Canada. Now walk them along the reverse route.

Bad relationship

“Maltreated as children who never love have known, and yet we have so much love to give,” writes Autumn, in its turn, on Instagram. This refers not only to the poor relationship between Etta Ng and her father, also the relationship with her mother went in the last few years not about roses. In april, Ng and Autumn a video on YouTube in which they claim that they are on the streets to live because of the ’homophobic parents.”

The mother of Etta Ng combats that. She says that her daughter “to look for work” and no longer only have to rely on the fame of her famous father.

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