Daughter for Bibi and Waylon

67ee1654ae6d255ddece21cd5dbd6763 - Daughter for Bibi and Waylon

“Welcome to the world dear Teddy, we love you!”, writes the brand-new mother with a photo of her with her little on Instagram.

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Also Waylon makes the news to the world via social media. “Our love has multiplied on 24-11-2018 with the birth of our daughter, Teddy Bijkerk. We are the upcoming period is difficult to achieve and ask your respect (the media), Let us of this happiness… To all the lovely people of the Bronovo hospital, The Hague, in particular Nicole, for their skill and love! It was magical✨”

In addition, praises he Bibi, and his son Dylan. “@bibibreijman You are magic! I love you @dylanjonguh You are the sweetest big brother that they could wish for. We are together now and that is what counts. I have a lot more than I had ever dreamed but that they may me all to decrease. This is my happiness, I am them and they are me. I’m going to me from my seam and enjoy!”, says Waylon.

In the message asks Waylon the media to the privacy of the family is to respect this. Also, he thanks the employees of the Bronovo Hospital in The Hague, where Teddy was born.

Waylon and Bibi know each other from the second season of It Takes 2, but the spark ignites only at the end of last year in the run-up to Waylons tour Top 1000 of all time in Ahoy.

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