“Copa Libertadores-riots and retaliation’

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The Argentine police for the La Bombonera stadium.

That says the mayor of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta. “This is the mafia of the Argentine football,” said the first man of the city. Both clubs are from Buenos Aires.

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Prior to the match of Saturday was the team bus of Boca Juniors attacked by the hooligans of River Plate. Several players were injured and the competition was initially a day delayed. Also on Sunday, wanted to Boca will not play. How to proceed, is Tuesday known. The first meeting of the final battle ended in 2-2.

According to Larreta, there was talk of a retaliation. “A day before the match the police have a raid done by the leader of the hooligans, taking money and tickets have been seized. This group has been around for fifty years of great influence. They are the cause of many riots.”

A fan of River Plate, shortly after the attack on the team bus of Boca Juniors

The group is also known as Barra Brava. According to Tim Vickery, an expert in South American football, the organization is much more than a disabled supporters group. “It’s not a passion, but business where it deals with”, as he explained towards the BBC. “It is involved in several dubious activities. Black market trade in maps is one of them. Barra Brava feels thwarted by the police and has overflowed.”

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Larreta has both clubs are now called to work on an extensive research. “Our biggest challenge is this grouping of tires. We will do whatever is necessary.”

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