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Very young Anderlecht crashed in Sint-Truiden

d6b51ca03118eb237fa6f2f51d39b391 - Very young Anderlecht crashed in Sint-Truiden

Anderlecht on the field of Sint-Truiden his fourth defeat of the season ago. Despite the hopeful debut of Verschaeren, and the equally hopeful subbing of Doku went the inhabitants of Brussels still down on the artificial turf of STVV (4-2). The Truienaren advancing to the fifth place in the overall standings.

With five teenagers in the basis for Anderlecht – Bornauw (19), Saelemaekers (19), Sambi Lokongo (19), Amuzu (19) and debutant Verschaeren (17) – were the inhabitants of Brussels with a strengthened beloftenelftal on the synthetic field of Sint-Truiden. The logical lack of experience showed, especially in the early stages feel. It led to an early Truiense projection: Vranjes weerde a cross into the feet of the well followed Bezus and against his attempt had goalkeeper Didillon no story. The Truienaren had the match early on slot can do if Teixeira and de Norre their control, had not missed.

Gradually, it came purple-white is better in the match. The technical skillful amsterdam claimed the possession of the ball but a lot of shooting skill provided that is initially not on. The first real chance was, however, touch: Amuzu found with a perfect cross and Santini to the second pole and against the latter’s header had goalkeeper Steppe’t stand a chance. Anderlecht smoke suddenly his chance and debutant Yari Verschaeren had his debut can perk up with a goal. Unfortunately for the teen wrecked his attempt at the outside of the pole.

Re Santini

Hein Vanhaezebrouck was allowed to happily look back on a first half in which his young boys after a questionable beginning is strong herpakten. And they pulled the line after the break. Gerkens missed first attempt, but still came to the locals fairly quickly on ahead. Amuzu was for Wilderness guides and the quick flankspeler went willingly to the hand of the Truiense goalkeeper. Penalty, found ref Alen and Santini had the chance. One-two for Anderlecht which purple-and-white plots virtually on the second place, following leader Racing Genk but for defending champions Club Brugge. Who would have thought that was possible?

Truiense turnaround

Long were the Inhabitants, not, however, enjoy their status. A rehearsed corner kick was by the Norre to the second pole gezwiept where the fully detached Teixeira on goalkeeper Didillon said. Tomiyashu, however, was well followed and pushed the equalizer across the goal line.

What is Tomi may, I should also be able to, should his compatriot Kamada have thought. The achiever of STVV was left completely unlocked and surprised everyone with a hard shot to the first post. Goalkeeper Didillon saw the leather incompetently by his legs against the ropes.

Suddenly she was very far away, that second place in the overall standings. Hein Vanhaezebrouck responded by Bakkali and Lawrence to bring in Vranjes and Gerkens. The youngsters were allowed to stay, Harry must have been satisfied of his young boys. Also, the 16-year-old Jeremy Doku got his chance of Vanhaezebrouck. The young man showed why Anderlecht him a great future predicted. Doku used his tremendous acceleration to several times the danger to be founded in the Truiense defence. But score did Anderlecht not more. Party in Sint-Truiden, fourth defeat for Anderlecht that could go up to the hopeful game of a handful of teenagers.

Boli if in overtime the score is still increase. A goal for the statistics, it made the Truiense fun only but larger.

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