Veronique De Kock has home rules about gaming

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The majority of Belgian parents with gaming children between the 8 and the 16-year follow-active the gamegedrag of their children. Nevertheless, 62% of the parents like to be (even) better are aware of the video games that their children play. This is evident from new figures from the Belgian Entertainment Association, the federation of the videogamessector in Belgium. Less than 1 in 4 parents today make use of the ‘parental control tools, settings parental controls on any gaming platform. To parents to help their children in the safe and responsible to let you play games, launches the Belgian Entertainment Association the campaign with the support of Minister of Digital Agenda Alexander De Croo and Minister of Culture, Media and Youth Sven Gatz.

On average, children playing about 5 hours per week gaming. 20% of the children gamet more than 7 hours per week. More than 8 in 10 parents (84,9%) indicated that their child sometimes gamet via their own smartphone. Especially games like Candy Crush are played a lot, but also games like Super Mario Bros and Fortnite are extremely popular.

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