Ukraine: ‘Russia takes three vessels seized’

51c994555c3e894ab4745dd5402b4cf5 - Ukraine: ‘Russia takes three vessels seized’

The navy of the Ukrainian military says that Russian troops in the Crimea three ships seized. Two sailors would have been injured.

According to Ukraine attacked Russian troops fire, and then Russia they took. It was going to be two fighters and a tug. The crisis is said to have started when Russia three Ukrainian ships were prevented to the Sea of Azov to sail through the Strait of Kerch, a Turkish cargo ship to be placed under a by the them controlled bridge.

Russia has not yet responded, but claimed earlier that Ukraine illegal Russian waters had to enter. An official of the Russian security services speak of a Ukrainian ‘provocation’ and promises quick evidence to publish. That reports news agency Reuters.

President Petro Porosjenko organizes a crisismeeting of his based cabinet of war to discuss the situation.

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