Ukraine: Russia has ships in the Black Sea shot

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KIEV – The Ukrainian navy, Russia has accused a number of its ships on the Black Sea to have a shot at. The Ukrainians say that one ship was hit and one crew member injured.

Russian fighter jets fly over a bridge connecting mainland russia with the Crimean peninsula connects after three Ukrainian naval vessels to Russia were stopped in the Sea of Azov to sail

The Ukrainian navy reported this after a day of rising tension in which Russia three Ukrainian naval ships from using the Strait of Kerch and the Azov Sea to sail. Therefore, it is for the Ukrainian ships is not possible at home.

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Both countries accuse each other of violating international agreements and UN treaties. The Ukrainian navy was previously known that a Russian grensbewakingsschip a Ukrainian marineboot rammed. It touched the engine and hull of the navy ship damaged.

Russia in turn accused Ukraine that the three ships against the restraints in the strait doorstaken, which by Russia was seen as a provocation. “Ukraine wants to be a race condition to create”, according to a statement from the Russian authorities.

Kiev accused Moscow of them are the UN Convention on the law of the sea and the treaty between Ukraine and Russia about the use of the Sea of Azov and Strait of Kerch to have violated.

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Russia earlier this year by Ukraine and the United States accused of complicating the shipping to Ukraine by a narrow strait. Washington called on Moscow to stop what the “harassment of international shipping” in the direction of Ukraine.

According to the American ministry of Foreign Affairs is the alleged harassment are part of the “undermining of Ukraine” where Russia already for a longer time.

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