Tom Cruise jumped as a toddler from roof

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Tom Cruise

“One of my first stunts was when I was on the roof of our house jumped when I was about four years old was,” says Cruise of Empire Magazine. “I only had new sheets and ropes to myself unfastened, and then I jumped. Fortunately, the morning rain and I ended up in a mud pit while I was with my head between my legs touched the ground. I will really never forget.”

Remarkably enough, felt the small Tom has no fear of the jump itself or for the pain, however, he was afraid of the reaction of his mother. “I went unconscious, but just before it was black before my eyes, I thought: ‘my mother is going to me really what to do!’.”

Over 50 years later, his stunts still not error-free. Cruise broke recently, only during the filming of Mission: Impossible Fallout.

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