Superclásico resistance after attack team bus

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The bus from Boca Juniors is pelted, allowing players to get injured.

Report this South-American media. The players of Boca Juniors felt Saturday was not able to play, after fans of the home team as their team bus bekogelden with more tear gas. Some players became thereby injured.

Flying glass

The bus from Boca came about an hour before the game (21: 00 Dutch time) at the stadium. After River Plate fans, the bus had pelted and a number of players was injured, the match was until further order postponed. Initially wanted the South American bond after the incidents just play football. Once or twice, however, was the kick-off postponed. Then put Carlos Tévez, attacker of Boca, a statement. “We are not in a position to play football, but we are forced.”

According to the Boca Juniors are multiple players by doctors treated. Some had injuries to their eyes, possibly by flying glass. “They really could not come into action,” said a clubofficial. Captain Pablo Perez, had a treatment, even to the hospital.

Officials of Boca Juniors reported immediately after the events that there is no football could be. “Almost all of the players are victims. As they currently stand, most of them not in action”, let one of them know as quickly as possible.

No fans

Boca Juniors and River Plate take all of five years old are not fans to each other’s away games. That action was taken after previous heavy armed clashes between the two rival supporterskernen. The police has 2100 agents deployed around the duel.

The contest is the second of the final to the South American club championship. The first match ended in 2-2.

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