Seriedader is killer in 13 Commandments

af52962f7cb46ffbd44f1e81905389bc - Seriedader is killer in 13 Commandments

Thou shalt not kill”. Seriedader Moses sins in the penultimate episode of 13 of the Commandments themselves against a commandment, now all the 10 commandments sued. Because for him, there are more unforgivable deeds in this degenerate society. But less than two times he goes without taking to murders: a drug addict it should believe. And also another victim deserves no grace. Until now, Moses went down with impunity, but inspector Vicky (Marie Vinck) begins to suspect that Moses is still alive and back to work with his own commandments this time.

13 Offered, Monday at 21.50 on VTM.

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