Russian bombers to fly over Belgian ship

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BRUSSELS – The crew of the Belgian navy’s Godetia is Thursday morning in the Baltic Sea are startled by two Russian SU-24 bombers flying low over. The Godetia is currently the ship of the NATO fleet of mijnenbestrijders in the north. The bombers wore under their wings missiles

That reports to the Flemish broadcaster, VRT. By their bombers now to arm, performs Moscow, the press, the NATO has a lot on. “It was a clear signal from the Russians: Look, what we can, what we dare,” says the Belgian fregatkapitein Peter Ramboer.

“It is more frequent and more frequent. We see that there is a assertive Russian set-up is compared to our military units. We are starting to get used to, but we must be careful in our use in order to avoid misunderstandings would arise, and accidents would happen,” says marinekapitein Kristof van Belleghem.

Russian submarine

A day before the incident received the naval ship suddenly visit of a Russian submarine. The boat came to the surface and remained in the vicinity of the Godetia.

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