Russia accuses Syrian rebels of gas attack

3d2856e46f16f9e3deb5dba86eeed0e7 - Russia accuses Syrian rebels of gas attack

More than 100 people have been injured in what appears to be a new attack with chemical weapons in Aleppo, Syria. The Syrian government and Russia allow the Syrian rebels to be responsible. The rebels deny.

“We know this kind of gas, but suspect that the chlorine is and treat patients also for the sake of those symptoms,” says Zaher Batal, head of the Aleppo Doctors Syndicate to news agency Reuters. According to Batal is the first attack with chemical weapons in the town since the Syrian civil war broke out seven years ago. No one has the attack claimed so far. Russia and the Syrian government accusing the rebels, who, in their turn, deny.

Syrian warplanes attacked today areas in the north of the country, which is occupied by rebels. Also western and eastern parts of Aleppo were under fire.

The renewed fighting threatens fragile ceasefire, also negotiated by Russia and Turkey, to disconnect. According to the rebels, the Russian accusation is a way to make that truce to undermine.

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