Rooftop Renegades on 1 in the Netherlands

766b5e1f277e7dcd2c54120a5bfa87f3 - Rooftop Renegades on 1 in the Netherlands

The Genk twin brothers Jo & Koen Smets, finalists of The Voice in 2014, scoring with their latest single, Keep On Walking, a number 1 hit in the Netherlands. Also in the Netherlands there are several charts. One of the leading is the NED FM TOP 40, which both name and layout of the former Veronica TOP 40 and by quite what radios are being followed, both within and outside the Netherlands. In that list, the Genkenaars now of 2 to 1, in their 11th week of listing. They beat this home player Nielson with his new single.

Rooftop Renegades were in september decided to Alarmschijf, and it is known that this always has a positive impact on the charts. The single Keep On Walking kept the whopping 14 weeks in the playlist of our Flemish Radio 2 and the single was last week released in Italy on the label Miticus (a division of Suono) and it comes out on 7 december in the whole of Scandinavia on the KashCow/SONY. For 2019, there is much more on the agenda of Rooftop Renegades, including an adventure in England and another in Germany. Continued.

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