Riots in Charleroi: police carry charges

11ec33e61bd6b21450909f0764569f83 - Riots in Charleroi: police carry charges

Charleroi – The ’yellow-hesjesrellen’ that France has been a long time in the grip, are also skipped to Wallonia. In Charleroi, the police had Saturday night for the third consecutive night to intervene in protests against the high fuel prices.

Also in France, it remains restless. This weekend it came to a showdown on the Champs Elysee in Paris.

The police had in the city charges run against a group of about 150 rioters. That are not all ’yellow shirts’, but according to the police, “ordinary” rioters, who are out on the stairs of mayhem. They throw with stones, and billiard balls to the police.

Friday night still led to a ’battle’ in the vicinity of the statue of the Marsupilami, where members of the riot police in the tribulation came, and eventually, thanks to assistance of colleagues from Antwerp and the use of a water cannon, the rest not until deep in the night returned.

Saturday night also had a water cannon to be useful, to first a group of 150 rioters to disperse, and later in the evening once a man, or a hundred. According to politiewoordvoerder David Quinaux pry rioters stone from the street to the police to throw and is a lot of damage to street furniture, billboards and store windows.

Meanwhile, also in France the protests. Several highways are blocked, and also in the large cities, it is restless.

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