Renegotiate Brexitdeal impossible

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BRUSSELS – EU leaders on Sunday in Brussels approved Brexitdeal is not heronderhandelbaar. “This is the best possible agreement and is the only possible”, said European commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, after the end of the special Brexittop. The deal must be approved by the European and the British parliament. In the British house of Commons seems there is now no majority for it.

“It is not a good idea for us to the house of Commons, the lesson to read,” said Juncker. “But they that the deal will reject in the hope of a better agreement, will immediately be disappointed.”

According to Juncker, is the departure of the British from the EU on march 30, 2019 “a tragedy.” After the agreement on the scheidingsvoorwaarden and the political declaration about the future relationship was approved, “there was no applause, and no champagne.” He also warned that the work is not over.

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EU president Donald Tusk warned that a difficult process of ratification and negotiation process for the bow. “But we’ll stay friends until the end of days and even a day more.”

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