Outdoor Beckhams again the target of burglars

b97b1f16999b48aab44810d4f36aab57 - Outdoor Beckhams again the target of burglars

David and Victoria Beckham

The Beckhams bought the house for about 6.7 million euro in 2015, but to live there permanently. In both attempts there was nobody at home. During the first attempt on October 19, tried three men with a ladder the house. David and Victoria were in Australia for the Invictus Games and the increased security protection. They hired more guards in, took charge and installed more cameras.

That decision was november 14, immediately rewarded. Again, the house was targeted by burglars, but very far they came not. The men were chased by seven security guards and two dogs. A spokesman for Thames Valley police let the Daily Mail know that this research is and yet no one has been arrested.

The fear is there, in any case, in the Beckhams. “Fortunately, they had now additional security is used, otherwise, had this very differently. They are currently evaluating the security measures and will, if necessary, re-fitting,” says a source to The Sun.

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