May is ‘best possible deal’ to defend

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BRUSSELS – British prime minister Theresa May will be the brexitakkoord the coming weeks “with all her heart to defend, in the British parliament and beyond. “Today marks the beginning of that crucial national debate.” Like many EU leaders, she spoke in Brussels of “the best possible deal.”

The parliament will have before christmas to vote on the scheidingsverdrag and the declaration about the future relationship with the EU. “One of the most important votes ever. It is in the national interest to find out,” said May. “This deal puts us on track for the future . Our best days are ahead of us.”

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The agreement means according to May “control over our own borders, our money and our own laws.” An end to the free movement of persons, and to the large annual sums for Brussels and the control of the European Court of Justice, instituted May in the prospect. “That is what the people want and that is what we provide.”

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The deal is good for farmers and fishermen to get bigger quotas, continued the prime minister. “The UK will once again be an independent coastal state. We will have new handelsdeals with countries around the world can connect.” The integrity of the UK remains intact: there is no hard border in Ireland and the status of Gibraltar will not change, decided by the premier.

Or she resigns as the parliament against the agreement agree wild May not say. A second referendum is not an option.

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