May I come to you-evening, ’little antidote

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Claudia de Breij

“It feels a bit gala-like, with a big orchestra,” says Claudia at BuzzE about the Royal Military Chapel, Johan Willem Friso, who, like last year, is contributing to the benefit concert in Utrecht. “And the main hall of TivoliVredenburg, it also provides something grandeurachtigs.”

And while the evening paying attention to a heavy topic. “Knock it off, I hope I never have to make. Cancer can happen to anyone and it is never fair, but when children think of you all the way: what have you well done? The reason for the evening is quite heavy, but you also have a bit of antidote is required.”

Poverty trap

The proceeds go this year to the parents of young cancer patients, who due to the illness of their child financially in trouble. “If your child has cancer, you are almost always as a family, a poverty trap. Parents may be less work, have more need a nanny for the other children, more travel costs, money spent on nights… It just takes a lot of money.”

Not only Claudia is Monday night on the stage, including Paul de Leeuw, Ilse Warringa, Ellen ten Damme and Céline Janssen take part in. Jeroen Kijk in de Vegte talk the benefit, for which some cards are available to each other.


Claudia looks forward the most to her duets. “With Paul, I sing On the other side of the hills, that song I can hear all my life at home. And with Ilse, I sing Nag is not of Annie M. G. Schmidt and Harry Bannink. We last rehearsed and then really laughed. She is very professional and I do this really for my box, but we were like two little girls to giggle and said: oh, this song takes you back.”

That Claudia and Ilse Rubbish at this location are allowed to make, is particularly. The heirs of composer Bannink, not often consent to the song from the iconic musical Fabulous takes the longest to perform.

Great contribution

Monday is certainly not the last, I May in your evening. The charity, which last year, in October, more than 45,000 euros for the foundation was raised, will, according to Claudia again for sure, just may not be every year. “I don’t know if I practically go to save, but it will in any event be a recurring benefit. There are sometimes years that I know it is full, it is not something that you easily mind.”

With the proceeds loves Claudia is ’not working’. “There are people who are much more knowledgeable about money than I do. I have the feeling, can sing a song and I will apply myself fully to that. It is the smallest large contribution that you can provide.”

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